Mar 07 2024

NAV Finance 101: The Next Generation of Private Credit

Sep 21 2023

NAV financing: a hot topic right now!

At 17Capital, we are the leading provider of NAV financing solutions for the private equity industry. We have a deep understanding of the market dynamics...
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May 19 2023

Key updates from the Turkish presidential elections

In this update on the recent 17Capital International Analysis "Turkey: The ticking time-bomb?" Dr Tim Hames discusses what has happened since the elections in Turkey...
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Oct 12 2022

NAV lending benefiting GPs and LPs

Watch the latest video in our QuickCuts series - NAV lending benefiting GPs and LPs with Mike Timms, Mike covers the importance of NAV lending...
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Sep 29 2022

What is NAV financing and how is it used?

Watch our latest video explaining NAV financing, how it is used and who uses it.
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