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16th June 2022

How would a global recession affect investor appetite in Private capital? Financial Times Global Boardroom

Managing Partner Pierre-Antoine de Selancy took part in the Financial Times Global Boardroom panel discussing the topic “How would a global recession affect investor appetite in Private capital?”

Comparing 2022 to 2008 Pierre-Antoine said, “A fundamental difference between now and 2008 are three little letters, ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance), which are now front of mind for everyone in the industry when is 2008 it was almost non-existent. It now shapes the actions, internally and externally of Private Equity (PE) and drives us to be better corporate citizens. Whilst PE was designed to go through recessionary periods and never have the pressure to exit based on quarterly reporting or valuations, ESG now gives more comfort that the PE industry will invest for the longer term. I don’t anticipate ESG policies changing or being watered down in light of a recession – the culture is embedded now.”

The considered debate was moderated by Robert Armstrong, and Pierre-Antoine de Selancy was joined by Karen Frank, Global Head of Equities at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and David Wasserman, Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Recognize.

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