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14th September 2020

Myriam Vander Elst joins 17Capital as Supervisory Board member

17Capital, the global go-to source of financing for investors in private equity, is pleased to announce the appointment of Myriam Vander Elst as a member of the firm’s Supervisory Board. Myriam is Chief Engagement Officer for Epic, the global non-profit organisation fighting to change the lives of disadvantaged youth.

Myriam’s appointment cements a long-standing partnership between 17Capital and Epic, which has seen the investment firm support the non-profit through: the provision of pro bono office space, the allocation of carried interest on 17Capital Fund 4 to Epic as a signatory of the Epic Sharing Pledge and sponsorship of its fundraiser event. As a Supervisory Board member, Myriam will support 17Capital in its growth and commitment to ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues.

Myriam has been with Epic since its inception almost six years ago. Previously, she spent 15 years working in the private sector as a communications and brand strategist for leading agencies including BMP-DDB and Dentsu.

Following Myriam’s appointment, 17Capital now has five senior experienced advisors with varied backgrounds, of which three are female. The firm’s Supervisory Board also includes Carsten Eckert and Andy Moysiuk, and Senior Advisors Beverly Berman and Dee Dee Sklar.

Pierre-Antoine de Selancy, managing partner at 17Capital, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Myriam to 17Capital. We have known her for over 20 years and more recently through our partnership with Epic. We believe her background and experience will prove invaluable, particularly, given our absolute belief that strong ESG practices and responsible finance create better business outcomes. The whole team at 17Capital looks forward to working with Myriam in this new capacity.”

Myriam Vander Elst, said: “I am so pleased to be joining 17Capital. I have built a strong relationship with the team over the past few years and they have convinced me, through their commitment to Epic, that they truly value their role as good corporate citizens as much as their role as high quality investors. I hope, through joining the Supervisory Board, that I can help 17Capital continue to develop and improve from an ESG standpoint.”

17Capital was the first private equity firm in the US and the UK to sign the Epic Sharing Pledge to give 1% of the carried interest on its €1.2bn Fund 4 to Epic.