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The next innovation in financing for private equity

This article explains how non-dilutive, highly flexible NAV-based credit can be used for a multitude…

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  • Dec 01 2020 Snapshot

    Strength in numbers

    By investing against multiple underlying assets, portfolio finance can offer an attractive alternative to fund defensive and offensive strategies, says 17Capital managing partner Pierre-Antoine de Selancy.

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  • May 04 2020 Snapshot

    Portfolio finance: Untapped value?

    Portfolio finance – capital advanced based on the value of a fund’s portfolio has grown rapidly in the years since the global financial crisis. While this trend has strengthened in benign times, it could well be that in today’s more crisis-driven market when demand for capital and liquidity are high, the market really comes into its own.

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  • Feb 21 2020 Snapshot

    Beyond the investment period

    Growth in fund finance has overwhelmingly stemmed from subscription lines of credit to fund LP commitments during the first five years of a fund’s life. Pierre-Antoine de Selancy of 17Capital discusses what finance is available after the investment period.

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  • Feb 16 2021 Snapshot

    An introduction to portfolio-based finance

    As part of the BVCA Alternative Fund Strategies Conference Owen James and Pierre Garnier of 17Capital discuss NAV-based portfolio finance, including who uses it and why. They outline the two key products of preferred equity and NAV-based loans, both of which are part of a fast-growing trend towards greater active management of funds and portfolios across the private equity landscape.

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  • Jan 26 2021 Snapshot

    Portfolio financing trends

    Watch the first 17Capital SNAPSHOT – in three minutes Robert, Stephen and Rich review our 2020 deal flow and outline the investment themes for 2021 including portfolio growth, GP / management company financing and NAV-based loans.

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